Sunday, March 7, 2010


I could have swore someone told me that Spring Festival ushers in a wave of warm temperatures in Beijing. Today, like so many mornings before, I was surprised to fine a nice layer of snow on the ground. I had to find my boots and winter jacket, which I'd put away for the season.

EVERYONE SHOVELS: When it snows, everyone shovels; police officers, security guards, hotel staff and common people alike

DUTY OF THE PEOPLE: Protecting the people and providing security aren't the only duties of the Public Security Bureau

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seen Around Beijing

I saw this vehicle parked near my apartment complex. A pink Jeep Cherokee. Pink. As I stopped to take a picture, so too did three other people with their camera phones. Pink isn't exactly a common color for cars, or anything else, in Beijing, so naturally it was drawing a lot of attention. I waited around to see if the driver would return but after ten minutes decided to leave. A pink Jeep in Beijing -- weird.

Family Visit

My Mom, brother and one of my mom's friends will be traveling to China to visit for two weeks in April. We've been planning the trip for a few months. My parents were initially going to visit in the fall, but since I came home for two weeks, they postponed their China trips. Only my mom and brother will be here -- my dad has another obligation and will be visiting over the summer.

It will be nice to see them and show them around the city I call currently call home.

FILE PHOTO: My mom, brother and I at the Newark Airport in September 2009