Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Year's Day...again

Happy New Year...again.

I went to one of the many miao hui (temple festivals) today. Full of fun, food and typical carnival stuff nobody should ever buy (but do anyway) the festival reminded me of the many fairs I went to as a child back home -- only there were about six times the number of people crowded into the small park I was walking around.

Aside from incense burning, I was disappointed to see that everything seemed to have a Western feel to it. The games all had prizes of big stuffed animals, many from Western cartoons. I also didn't get to see the dancing dragon cutouts (you know the ones) that I see in all the movies.

But like all festivals, the food was good, and cheap.

YEAR OF THE TIGER: It may be my Chinese zodiac year, but those kind of stripes are not my style

WHAT'S UP DOC?: Not sure why Bugs Bunny was at the festival. He must have thought 2010 was the year of the "wabbit"

CARNIE GAMES: Pictured are large stuffed animals that are impossible to win and over priced to play for

RED, RED, RED: Apparently, during a person's "year," they are to surround themselves with red and wear or carry an article of red clothing or red object with them at all times to ward off evil spirits

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