Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tour de Axis of Evil

Just as the Chinese used the Expo as an opportunity to "visit" countries they'd never get to see in real life, so too did I pretend to play visitor to nations abroad, including: Iran, North Korea, and Cuba -- an "Axis of Evil" type tour, if you will.

PRINCE OF PERSIA: Relations between China and Iran are slightly better than those between the Middle East nation and the United States. Posters and pictures displaying Sino-Persian friendship were prevalent in the Iran Pavilion.

INSIDE IRAN: The Iran Pavilion was actually really impressive. A blend of ancient and modern Middle Eastern architecture was all around, as well as Iranian innovations

PERSIAN PAVILION: The Iran Pavilion was located right next to the North Korea Pavilion. Ironic?

HELLO AYATOLLAH: A large picture of one of Iran's clerical leaders hung on the wall outside the VIP room.

AMAZING PAVILION: The North Korea Pavilion.

NORTHERN PRESENCE: The actual North Korea Pavilion was somewhat impressive. The pavilion tried to display what life in North Korea was really like (cough, cough)-- rainbows, bright lights and other aspects of a modern communist society were present.

CHILDREN OF COMMUNISM: A water fountain adorned the center of the North Korea Pavilion.

FIRE SPIRE: The ever-burning flame of communism -- is made of plastic.

FORBIDDEN ISLAND: Since I'm not allowed to visit Cuba in real life, I figured a quick stop at the Cuba Pavilion would be a nice substitute.

REALLY LITTLE HAVANNA: The inside of the pavilion was decorated like a Havanna street. The main attraction: a bar selling Cuban liquor and cigars.

TOTALLY LEGAL: A nice photo of my "visit" to Cuba.

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