Friday, August 6, 2010

The Shanghai Strikes Back

The last video project we filmed in Shanghai went over so well that the bosses at Beijing Review decided to produce a longer edition for DVD release. They sent us back for a week to film the new project.

HIDING FROM THE SUN: Waiting between takes, we'd hide under umbrellas and read our scripts

DRESSING UP: At one of the cheongsam stores I was allowed to try on one of the Chinese style shirts. And as much as I liked the shirt, I couldn't think of any other time in my life that I'd ever wear it

CELEBRITIES, SORT OF: At each scene, we'd be surrounded by people curious to see what was going on

AGAIN, THE EXPO: We spent two days at the Expo. A thunderstorm delayed filming for a while on the first night, but made the scenes look cool

GIMME A BREAK: Taking a rest between scenes with the French and Japanese foreign experts

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD: During filming one afternoon I ate delicious snacks at three different restaurants

PINK DRAGON: Filming in one of the parks. Large dragons protect one of the garden's sections

LION'S PRIDE: Bronze lions in front of one of the banks on the Bund

BACK ON THE BUND: The script for the second project was extended to include more lines for each of the experts, particularly along the Bund

UNDER MY UMBRELLA, ELLA: During the first project last March I got incredibly sunburned. This time, the crew made sure I always wore sunscreen, sat in the shade and carried an umbrella to protect my face

MR. MOVIE STAR: Every so often, random passersby would stop and ask for a photo

ALL EARS: After filming a scene, I watch it again to make sure everything is okay

DOWN BY THE BAY: I sit near the waters of Huangpu River, reading over my script and preparing to shoot another scene for the film

BETTER CITY, BETTER LIFE: The skyline of Pudong District, Shanghai

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Thumbs up for the final filming day

Photos by Chen Ran, Beijing Review

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  1. That's a nice series of photos. Kudos to your colleague Chen Ran.--Joan Campion