Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homeward Bound

One of my first friends in Beijing, Marisha Thakur, left for home today. She returned to Mumbai (Bombay), India after a year in China working for China Daily. Marisha was one of my bosses during my summer internship working on the international news section of the paper.

Marisha and one of her friends, Arlene Chang, showed me how amazing the Beijing Ikea is on numerous trips to the goliath of a superstore. The three of us would also get iced coffees, while the weather was warm, and babble about new happenings in each others lives. Arlene, for a while, was looking for a new job in Beijing but eventually returned to Bombay ahead of Marisha. The two were friends before working together in Beijing at China Daily.

On my birthday, Marisha, another friend from work and I went to the China Open.

Now that Marisha has left, I have one less friend in Beijing. But that means I have one more friend in India, a nation on my list of places to go, especially after watching the movie Outsourced a half dozen times.

Marisha's brother and sister-in-law came to Beijing to help her move. One of her friends from Beijing also came to say goodbye.

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