Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Shengdan Jie

If you haven't figured out what shengdan jie means based on the first few words in the blog title, then you aren't listening to enough Christmas music. The season to be jolly is in full swing in Beijing -- lights hang from trees, stores display Christmas knickknacks and employees all around wear read and white Santa hats. I have to wonder if they fully understand the significance of the holiday or just know that when December rolls around it's time to smile, be jolly and dress up like some old fat white guy with a snow colored beard.

To my enjoyment the last month, the walk home from work has allowed me to see a few Christmas decorations outside the shopping center next to my apartment. I haven't seen too many Santas sitting in big chairs, waiting to hear Christmas wish lists read off by annoying little kids, but then again I haven't really looked that hard just yet.

Here are a few pics from around my area. I'll post more as I get out and about the city looking for some Christmas cheer.

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